Listens: Three-Cone Drill Podcast w/Rivers McCown & Danny Tuccitto

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Listens – The Three-Cone Drill Podcast

Rivers McCown and Danny Tuccitto host the Three-Cone Drill Podcast. It’s a fine show (adult language is a factor so keep that in mind where and when you’re listening) and one I hoped to join as a guest. The duo was kind enough to have me on last week.

I recommend checking out more of their work — two smart writers who have a lot more to say.

They split the show into two episodes. You can find them here (I also recommend the podcast with Steph Stradley). I would have embedded them, but WordPress doesn’t like the normal embed procedures (or I haven’t figured out something about embedding here).  The combined show notes from the Three-Cone Drill blog:

Part I

  • Why did Teddy Bridgewater fall in the draft? What are scouts telling Matt about why they don’t consider quarterbacks higher in the draft right now? Is the industry too risk-averse? Is the pre-draft process overblowing criticism?
  • How do the draftnik outsiders and the NFL insiders have such a wildly divergent opinion on players?
  • What Matt watches for when he’s watching a regular game, and what Matt watches for when he’s watching for the RSP.
  • How does Matt decide who should be in the RSP? Who does he double-check his list for? What systems does he employ?
  • The “grimy” side of football writing. The kind of effort necessary to be the best. (Praise for Mike Tanier.)
  • How being a football writer is simultaneously like eating chocolate-chip cookies everyday and like the song “Moon River.”

Part II

  • What schemes and coaches does Matt admire? Why will I be saying Dick Bumpas for the rest of time?
  • How situational awareness separates great players from good players.
  • What was Matt’s background? How did Matt get into the “internet scouting” game?
  • There are a ton of scouting sites. A ton of stats-based sites. How do we discern which ones we should pay attention to in an age where there’s so much data?
  • Why did Matt stop venturing into the land of stats and find his niche in scouting?
  • We go back and ask Matt Waldman a reader question about the victimhood in his Ray Rice column, leading to a larger discussion on victimhood and writing from perspective.

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