RSP Film Room No.4 w/Ryan Riddle: LB Shaq Thompson and RB Jay Ajayi

Ryan Riddle and I love watching football together and it shines through in our examination of two prospects: Washington linebacker Shaq Thompson and Boise State running back Jay Ajayi. Riddle does a fantastic job of noting that Thompson might be a player without a position at this stage of his career and in the process, educates us on the differences between a player with a linebacker’s mentality and a safety’s mentality.

Before we watch the Ayaji tape, we get into a wilder conversation about describing football players based on the four elements of fire, air, water, and earth and how it relates to running backs. Ajayi is a unique prospect with a running style that is difficult to categorize with a predominant player comparison. Riddle saw elements of Arian Foster, while I saw traces of Ahmad Bradshaw mixed with a style that I haven’t seen from runners since the late 1970s: Greg Pruitt and Billy Sims.

The episode is a couple of hours, so I encourage you to bookmark this page and watch it as you have time. You’ll learn a ton about defensive play from Riddle and the Ajayi’s tape is just as entertaining.

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