William Andrews vs. Ronnie Lott

A couple of years ago I recalled a childhood memory of William Andrews taking a swing pass and running through Ronnie Lott. After scoring from 70-plus yards, a woozy Lott was helped off the field. I’ve been looking for this play online for years to see if my memory was accurate.

I found the play yesterday.


As you can see, my memory wasn’t completely accurate — Andrews didn’t score and Lott wasn’t helped off the field. However, Lott (who remembers this play vividly and has talked about it to the media) did get trucked in a way you rarely saw.  But someone else also recalls Lott saying Andrews knocked him cold in a game in 1982. Maybe I combined the two memories.

Either way, I wanted to show you the play. One thing I know I remembered correctly is a quote from Walter Payton in Sport magazine where he told the reporter that the one player that he’d play fullback for in the NFL was Andrews.

I think I heard Ronnie Lott groan just now . . .

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  1. I have that whole game posted on YoutTube here: http://youtu.be/B_IVzMM15mo

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