2014 Rookie Scouting Portfolio Video Tour

“I truly think the RSP is the best draft resource money can buy.” -Ryan Lownes, Draft Analyst for DraftBreakdown.com

New to the RSP? Wondering what it looks like? Above is a 30-minute tour. At the bottom is a shorter tour of the publication:

  • What’s inside.
  • How to navigate it.
  • An explanation of the scoring.
  • How it all fits together as a concept.

Like what you see? Download the 2014 Rookie Scouting Portfolio now . Remember, you also get the post-draft publication free, which I upload one week after the NFL Draft and contains revised rankings based on draft position, team fit, and talent. You also get mock draft data and value analysis based on these early drafts.

Remember, 10 percent of each sale goes to Darkness to Light to help prevent and/or address sexual abuse in communities across the country.

Short Tour 

“Purchased the RSP by @MattWaldman for the first time. Lots of “holy ____”‘s were said in an empty house. Incredible work” Zack Henkle via Twitter


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