2013 RSP Flashback: RB Zac Stacy

The 2014 Rookie Scouting Portfolio is now available for pre-order for it’s April 1 release. Here’s a sample from 2013 of the underrated Zac Stacy.

There is not much flash in Stacy’s game, but there is plenty of substance. The Commodores runner has a low center of gravity and good power to keep his legs moving. He does not usually go down after the first hit or wrap.

He’s a decisive runner and will hit the hole on-time on gap plays (pulling guards) or show some patience and skill at pressing the hole on zone plays. Stacy optimizes the position of his blockers to access rushing lanes and this is probably his best skill. He rarely loses yards as a runner and he’ll keep the chains moving forward even if the runs aren’t for big plays.

His timed speed is a little more impressive than his on-field speed, but I have seen him show nice burst to the edge or through an open crease against fast defenses like Georgia. He lacks great agility to string together moves or make huge lateral cuts. Stacy can make a sharp cut if he has a step to gather his feet, but he’s not going to make big cuts at full speed and turn defenders around in the open field or with suddenness at the line of scrimmage.

He’s a one-cut down hill runner with enough speed to get into the third level, but not enough to create consistent breakaway runs. He has really good balance to carry defenders on his back
or stay upright after contact from a variety of angles. He has a shifty style where he can make defenders miss in the backfield or bounce to the outside and downhill. And Stacy protects the ball with either arm according to the location of the run and he keeps it cinched tight to his body.

His pass blocking is pretty good. He understands his protections, sets up angles to get square to his opponents, and will get good placement with his hands as a stand up blocker. He also delivers a good cut block on bigger defenders and hustles down field as a lead blocker in the run game.

It is possible that Stacy has an issue that his preventing him from punching opponents with good form as a pass or run blocker. However, what I saw is a player that tries to “load” up and deliver a shoulder or elbow/forearm. Although he sets a good angle to deliver a punch, the actual punch is out of control. There were plays where Stacy didn’t take a good angle to the
defender rushing the pocket and this forced pressure that he should have accounted for.

Stacy will be a fine backup in the NFL with enough skill to produce in a committee situation, perhaps even as a starter. However, he strikes me as a player that a team will say it’s happy with but continues to bring in other talented players to compete with Stacy while he has the starting job.

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