The QB to Defend The Planet (You Pick)

Who would you pick to defend the planet in a science fiction  football game? Photo by Frankula.

Who would you pick to defend the planet in a science fiction football game? Photo by Frankula.

I posed this fantastical question to Ryan Riddle and Sigmund Bloom the other day. If an alien race came to earth and challenged us to a game of football to keep the planet, who would be your starting quarterback? I have my answer, but I want to hear yours.

I don’t care how you imagine the aliens or if you pick a player who is 60 or six feet under and the aliens resurrect him in his prime condition. That dilemma is for your twisted imagination. I just want to know who you pick.

Here’s the follow up: If the aliens’ deal is that we have to pick a quarterback from this 2014 draft class, who would it be?

Add a comment at the bottom of this post with each name. ONLY LEAVE THE TWO NAMESIt’s not that I don’t care about your reasons why, but at this point I don’t care about your reasons why. I just want to take the top 5-10 answers and hold a tournament.

I’m going to ask writers to represent each choice (for the first question) and present their arguments here before the final vote. But vote in the comments below so I can take a tally. Note: Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up immediately – I moderate this blog, so I’ll get them by email. 

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  1. Tom Brady and Teddy Bridgewater

  2. Johnny Manziel

  3. 1. Peyton Manning
    2. Teddy Bridgewater

  4. Teddy Bridgewater

  5. 1) Aaron Rodgers
    2) Johnny Manziel

  6. Peyton Manning & Johnny Manziel

  7. All time, I think I’m going with Joe Namath.

    And for the 2014 prospects, I am taking Johnny Manziel without a moment’s hesitation or doubt in my mind it’s the correct decision.

  8. 1. Peyton Manning
    2. Johnny Manziel

  9. Blake Bortles

  10. NFL: Joe Montana
    2014 Draft: Blake Bortles

  11. Kurt Warner and JFF

  12. Blake Bortles — he’s big, and has a superhero-caliber GF.

  13. (1) Aaron Rodgers
    (2) Jimmy Garoppolo

  14. Tom Brady and Johnny Manziel

  15. Peyton Manning
    Teddy Bridgewater. (The other rookies aren’t ready)

  16. Michael Vick

    Johnny Manziel

    My aliens aren’t very agile.

  17. (1) Jared Lorenzen (obvious)

    (2) Brett Smith (also obvious)

  18. Elway (unless the aliens are edible, the it’d be Lorenzen) & Manziel (you can’t destroy what you can’t locate).

  19. 1. The Seahawks defense. Or Tom Brady, for the sake of the vote.
    2. Johnny Manziel

  20. Aaron Rodgers & Teddy Bridgewater

  21. Brett Favre
    Johnny Football

  22. I’ll take Cam Newton and Johnny Manziel.

  23. Big Ben and Johnny Football

  24. Randall Cunningham

    Johnny Manziel

  25. Elway and Bridgewater

  26. Montana and Manziel

  27. Montana and Manziel

  28. Montana and Bridgewater

  29. Russell Wilson and Manzeil

  30. Johnny Manziel
    Joe Montana

  31. Brees & bridgewater

  32. Peyton and Teddy

  33. Tom Brady and Blake Bortles

  34. Joe Namath
    Johnny Manziel

  35. ELWAY!!! From a Raider Fan

  36. Otto Graham, Teddy Bridgewater

  37. John Elway
    Johnny Manziel

  38. Cam Newton
    Johnny Manziel

  39. P.Manning (we win)
    T.Bridgewater (we’re doomed)

  40. Peyton Manning
    Derek Carr

  41. Russell Wilson, who can put the ball anywhere, while keeping it from his opponents.
    If it’s got to be someone from this draft, we’re in deep, deep trouble. Teddy Bridgewater is probably closest to ready.

  42. Luck in a few years in his prime.

    Rookie b smith

  43. 1. Joe Montana
    2. Teddy Bridgewater

  44. Joe Montana and JFF

  45. Terry Bradshaw
    Jimmy Garoppolo

  46. Montana and Bridgewater

  47. Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo

  48. Joe Namath
    Johnny Manziel

  49. Brett Favre
    Jimmy Garappolo

  50. I would trust Peyton Manning to be able to quickly Dissect the Aliens defense. And possibly the aliens themselves as well.

    For a rookie… Bortles, just because I think he’s the best QB in the class

  51. Elway and Mr. Football

  52. Are the aliens female? If they are, then Namath and Manziel.

    Are they female and non-hot? Swap Namath for Roethlisberger. Crisis averted.

  53. Ben Roethlisberger

    Johnny Unitas

  54. Aaron Rodgers.
    Johnny Manziel.

  55. Aaron Rodgers

  56. 1. Eddie LeBaron
    2. Aaron Murray

  57. Dan Marino
    Jimmy Garoppolo

  58. Tim Tebow to the rescue!
    From the 2014 class? Meh! Probably Manziel.

  59. All time QB pick: Steve Young
    2014 QB pick: Derek Carr

  60. Bobby Layne

    or Manziel

  61. Kurt Warner – fight aliens with alien-infused Earthlings, circa 1999-2001

    Teddy Bridgewater

  62. Brett Favre

    Johnny Manziel

  63. Brady and Johnny Football.

  64. Favre & Bortles

  65. Otto Graham
    Johnny Manziel

  66. Montana

  67. Brett Favre, easily. As for the college . . . Johnny Manziel.

  68. Keanu Reeves as Johnny Utah (Point Break
    Keanu Reeves as Shane Falco (the Replacements

  69. Russel Wilson & Johnny Manziel

  70. Montana
    Boyd (Manziel would jump in a plane ID4 style but get shot down)

  71. Slining Sammy Baugh (QB, Safety, and Punter)
    Johnny Manziel

  72. Sigourney Weaver, Free Agent
    Sigourney Weaver on a Johnny Manziel jersey, they won’t notice any difference

    Game Over!

  73. Joe Montana and Johnny Manziel

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