RSP Rorschach No.2: WR Davante Adams

This installment of RSP Rorschach features a beautiful, but failed adjustment on a deep post by Davante Adams.
This installment of RSP Rorschach features a beautiful, but failed adjustment on a deep post by Davante Adams.

Some plays are like Rorschach inkblots because there’s no definitive answer to why they unfold the way they do. This new series examines plays that have more than one viable explanation and may be too difficult to draw a single conclusion. The fun part is that you have a voice in it.

RSP Rorschach No.2: Davante Adams

The play below is an incomplete pass on 3rd and 5 with 0:49 in the first quarter from the Fresno State-Boise State rivalry. This is a deep post that Adams runs from the left flat. Fresno State quarterback  David Carr delivers a play fake, rolls left, turns down field, and hitches twice before delivering the ball from the Fresno 34 to the Boise State 4.

The part of the play that may have multiple explanations is where Adams comes into the play.

Despite not making the grab, Adams makes an impressive adjustment to leap at the seven, turn his body towards the sideline and cut off the safety’s angle on the ball with the hope of snaring the ball over his outside shoulder. 

When I first watched his play, I wondered if Adams made these adjustment because Carr’s throw was to the wrong shoulder and didn’t lead the receiver far enough inside. Yet after another viewing, there’s a real possibility that the throw was accurate based on the landing spot of the football. If that’s the case, did Adams over to the position of the safety and try to attack the ball before the safety had a chance only to make the target more difficult?

Or, was the throw accurate and the safety’s position was good enough that Adams had to adjust his play on the ball to prevent the defender from cutting off the target?

What do you think?

Got another take? Comment below.

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