Reads Listens Views 12/20/2013

I’ve shown this before, but it’s worth seeing again: This is how big Africa is relative to the rest of the world.

This week’s RLV: Dexter Gordon, Doug Farrar on Blake Bortles, Mike Tanier’s All-Snyder Team, and our poet laureate on the President.  

If you’re new to the RSP blog, welcome to my weekend post Reads Listens Views. This is my chance to post links to articles, performances, and photos I’ve found in recent weeks that I want to share. Some of this content has to do with football, but most of it doesn’t. You might not like everything in this post, but chances are you’ll like something.

Listens – RIP Horace Silver

Great jazz composer and I’m understating it. He was the equivalent of a gateway drug to get into the music.


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Listens – Smetena Die Moldau 

Not bad for a deaf man, eh?

Reads (Non-football)

Listens – I Know You Got Soul . . . 



Reads (Football)

Listens – Dexter Gordon

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