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Malcolm Jones by Neon Tommy
Looking for the next Bryce Brown draft surprise? Malcolm Jones is a candidate on that list. Learn more tomorrow in Futures at Football Outsiders. Photo by Neon Tommy.

Who is Malcolm Jones? Why is football culture related to prison culture? Why aren’t we alone in the universe? Is that whale shaking hands with that diver? Find out inside.

Alicia just got diagnosed with bronchitis today and she has a business trip scheduled for Monday. Other than some minor sinus issues, I’ve been fortunate not to get sick more than once every 4-5 years. When I do, I get whatever it is really bad. Even as a child, I was the last one in class to ever catch anything. Chicken pox? I was sent to numerous houses with kids with them so I’d catch them and get it over with. Not a thing for two months. Then three weeks after the last kid in our class got them, I finally did.

I can’t even remember the last time I was really sick – perhaps the flu 13 years ago? I don’t know. It is a good thing, but I feel it coming on so I’m making this week’s RLV a brief one.

Listens-Stefon Harris Quartet

Thank You

I get great feedback from readers of the blog, the RSP publication, and the work I contribute to Footballguys and Football Outsiders. I also get a lot of questions about fantasy teams and I’m not able to answer as high of a percentage of these emails as I used to. Sometimes I admit I can be terse with the responses I give – hopefully those don’t come off as rude. Even so, I appreciate the understanding nature you have and I want to thank you for continuing to read my work and communicate with me even if I can’t always communicate back the way I’d like.

Football Reads

  • Tony Dorsett, Leonard Marshall, and Joe Delameilleure have CTE – I grew up watching these guys so it hits home for me. If you listen to one thing today, check out Delameilleure’s interview on ESPN in this link. Whether or not the NFL removes face masks from helmets is a good idea, it’s worth exploring. Lost teeth or dead brain cells? I’ll take the former, thank you.
  • Grantland’s Brian Phillips with his piece “Man Up” – Amen.
  • Former NFL Player on Bullying: I Was the Team ‘Wierdo’ on New York Jets – I’m a different bird by nature and I think I’ve always been identified as such by teammates in a variety of settings, but in a fun-loving way because I could handle the give and take involved. However, I never had to compete for a job and standing in an environment like my friend Ryan Riddle – a guy who only qualifies as weird if you count quiet, thoughtful, and able to communicate how he feels about deeper things. Riddle did a great job sharing common, everyday neurosis most people feel about even the smallest things and how they can be magnified in an environment like an NFL locker room.
  • Martin walked into a twisted world – I’m a Jason Whitlock fan. I don’t always agree with his views, but in this case I think makes a good point about the parallels between locker rooms and prison culture. If you didn’t know, the U.S. incarcerates a higher percentage of its citizens than any country in the world.
  • Zero Running Back and Anti-Fragile Rosters – I think Sean Siegele and I are on a similar wavelength about draft strategies here.


Non-Football Reads

Views – See the rest of the 50 Most Perfectly Time Photos Ever

diver whale high five perfect timing

spear fishing perfect timing

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