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Case Keenum reminds Wade Phillips of Tony Romo. Photo by Football Schedule.
Case Keenum reminds Wade Phillips of Tony Romo. Photo by Football Schedule.
This week’s RLVs includes a sample report on former Houston Cougars’ QB Case Keenum, who will be starting for the Texans this weekend. The rest of RLV? Your normal fare of stuff on my reading, listening, and viewing list, which of course is anything but normal. 

RSP Sample: Texans’ New Starting QB Case Keenum

Keenum was my No.14 QB in the 2012 Rookie Scouting Portfolio. Here is what I wrote about the former Houston Cougar who Wade Phillips believe has the potential to achieve career heights similar to Tony Romo. At the end of this profile is a sample report on Keenum.

14. Case Keenum, Houston (6-0, 208) – Keenum has a quick, over the top release. He’s an anticipation thrower and not as likely to gun the ball into tight spaces from difficult angles or distances. He’s an effective down field thrower of the football because of this anticipation and his touch. He places good arc on throws and has a knack for dropping the ball over his receiver’s shoulder in tight coverage.

Keenum can throw the ball more than 40 yards down field, but he didn’t demonstrate the ability to drive the ball with power on deeper routes. When he doesn’t throw the ball with good anticipation, his high arcing passes can get him into trouble on deeper routes because he brings coverage back into the play and creates unnecessary jump-ball situations. I think the extent of his range is probably 45 yards.

I’m also uncertain about his ability to drive the ball on intermediate routes, which will be important for him to make plays against defenses that force him from the pocket or paint him into a corner. He sees the field well enough to find receivers in a reasonably crowded pocket and he can throw the ball off his back foot and from different angles. He throws well moving to his right.

However, Keenum was frequently too aggressive on plays where he should have either thrown the ball away, tried to elude pressure, or tuck the ball and run. He had a few throws that he put up for grabs. It was as if his answer every time he was pressured was to throw the ball at least 15 yards down field and usually 40.

His play action game needs work and he was under center only once in the game I scored. The big questions are whether he can execute a pro style game from center, make the requisite power throws, and learn to make better decisions with the football under pressure. I don’t think the NFL is going to give him a chance, but of the quarterbacks I studied, he flashes enough skill to earn a spot late on this list and at least a camp invite.

Sample Play-by-Play Report of Case Keenum

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Thanks for reading and stay tuned tomorrow for my take on Arizona State defensive tackle Will Sutton in my Futures column at Football Outsiders.

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