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Good player with a chance to seal this feature role with Andrew Brown out. Photo by Football Schedule.
Good player with a chance to seal this feature role with Andrew Brown out. Photo by Football Schedule.

Now What?

Andre Brown is gone and David Wilson will be a hot commodity. The same people hot for Wilson will probably be less thrilled about the Giants running back in the first month if Footballguys writer Matt Bitonti is correct about his assessment of New York’s offensive line. On our Thursday Night Audible podcast, Bitonti explained that the injuries to David Diehl and David Baas are good reasons why the unit may struggle early. If you want to play the ultra-slick move, don’t trade for Wilson now. Wait for the line to struggle, Wilson to have boom-bust production, and get him at a lesser cost by Weeks 3-5. By the end of the season, you might have a running back producing at a top-five clip in your fantasy leagues. The risk might be that Wilson’s big-play ability will compensate for the line’s struggles, but if you’re simply dealing from a strength, why not wait and see?

Also, look for the Giants to add a runner. Sigmund Bloom mentioned Tim Hightower. Good name. I’d also see if they scan the waiver wire or consider a bigger name free agent or trades for a backup if none of the pickings on the waiver wire next week suit them.

Marlon Brown continues to impress. So is Jordan Todman. Add Benny Cunningham to the list, and you’re looking at three players you might consider adding if you’re in a 20 (Brown), 30 (Todman), or 40-man (Cunningham) roster league. Brown has high-end starter upside. Todman has enough skill to provide committee support as a lead back if Maurice Jones-Drew gets hurt. And Cunningham? Think of a poor man’s Stephen Davis in terms of his style. I’m really impressed with his return from an injury that would have prevented many athletes from producing in training camp. The same goes for Brown.

Thank You

If you’re a new follower, Friday is the day of the week that I thank you for supporting the Rookie Scouting Portfolio Publication and this blog I maintain and provide links to things I’m reading, listening, and viewing. You may not like everything, but I think you’ll like something.

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I chose this cause for several reasons. Among them was the Penn State scandal, which was a macrocosm of the dynamics at play when a child is victimized and those responsible for protecting them make all the wrong decisions. Sexual abuse doesn’t “ruin” children. What’s often far more damaging is the behavior of the men and women who are supposed to protect, support, and help the children who report being victimized and are often not believed and even shamed for seeking help.

And it’s not just the victims who have to carry the burden of what was done to them by the abuser and those adults who did nothing to help them.

Download the 2013 Rookie Scouting Portfolio or better yet, donate to Darkness to Light.  Be a part of the solution they have developed to educate schools, community organizations, and civil service organizations on the data and dynamics that define this problem of epidemic proportions.  At the very least read these Five Steps to Protecting Children.


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