Jadeveon Clowney RSP Contest Winners

A couple of weeks ago I asked you to name this hit and after looking through a few hundred entries (thanks – no, seriously) I narrowed them down to 20. Some that made the list of 20, but didn’t make the final cut were timely (Sharknado) or a devilish play on words (Smears of a Clown). But the best five that I’m awarding a prize of a free RSP were at another level.

I’m not sure I’ll all five for my Futures column on Clowney, but these all earned my appreciation and elicited praise from those I ran them by:

  • Clown College Rejection Letter – Nick Roos
  • I bet that’s not the only No.2 on the field – A.J. Stanaway
  • Clowney Con Carnage – Roddy Fernandez
  • How I met our father – Arif Hasan
  • Jacapitated – Ryan Boser

The last three were my favorites. Thanks for the terrific response. I’ll have another contest in August.

Jacapitated . . . still makes me smile.

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