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Last week, I compared joining the staff of Footballguys to being the new kid in a neighborhood pickup game. If that’s the case, then veteran staff writer Jason Wood is that kid in the group who is friendly, but isn’t taking everything he sees at face value. All your new-found friends may have bought into the what you showed them on the sand lot in the first game, but Wood’s going to need a few games before he gives his take.

Although he doesn’t have to be the leader, he’s more than capable. He’s the valuable teammate who will give it to you straight if you ask, but he’ll do what’s best for the group. It also means he’s not prone to empty praise and he’s a good barometer for gauging whether people, ideas, and projects are going to cut it.

So when he wrote this email to our staff this morning about the Footballguys Magazine Draft Kit App, I decided it was worth sharing with more than just our internal staff email.


Most of you know I’m not generally prone to hyperbole, so please understand that when I say I am FLOORED by the magazine, I mean it. It’s astoundingly impressive. In looking through it this morning, it gave me the same sense of wonderment and excitement I got the first time I cracked open the FF Index magazine back in the day and KNEW that I had an edge over most of my league. It’s the same sense of elation I got the first time I discovered the Mr. Football site or stumbled into our old old old school message boards and struck up intense debates with folks…KNOWING that this was going to make me a better fantasy owner.
Such an impressive effort. It will be an absolute shame if this isn’t THE talk of this fantasy football season.
Awesome efforts on the tech front, and also well done to all my fellow writers who pulled together such fantastic content.
I have to agree with him. Here’s a taste of what to expect from this magazine with content that will stay updated throughout the preseason. In fact, look at the screen shot at the top of the post and you’ll see content that’s from around the web. Yes, we aggregate what’s worth reading outside the confines of

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You like rankings? How about ADP? What about VBD? It’s all conveniently formatted above with great color-coded team abbreviations and a way to add specific players of note to a personal watch list on the app. How awesome is that?

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Do you want to track your drafts? You can do this in the magazine. Nothing like an all-in-one information source and draft day tool kit.

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Filter rankings according to your preferred Footballguys staff. View depth charts, top 300 lists and explore our player database.

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Just like the Rookie Scouting Portfolio, what you get from the Footballguys Magazine Draft Kit far exceeds its value (just $4.99). If you aren’t a Footballguys subscriber and want taste of what the site has to offer you as a fantasy owner,  this is a great way to start.

I love magazines and holding printed material in my hands, but if you want content that doesn’t die as the pages fade or dog-eared, this is the way to go. You can download it here.

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  1. I wish this was free to subscribers. We already pay quite a bit for your services. I know it’s only $5 more, but still.

    • From Joe Bryant . . .

      Thanks a ton for being part of Footballguys. It’s folks like you that make this possible.

      We want to make sure everyone is clear about what the Footballguys Insider offers. As we state on the signup page, The Insider Subscription covers everything we offer online

      Outside of the Draft GM drafting tool app, there isn’t any content on the apps that isn’t available with the Footballguys Insider Subscription online. In other words, if you purchase a Footballguys Insider Subscription, you’ll be getting all of our content with the exception of the Draft GM drafting tool App.

      And to be clear, if you purchase the Footballguys Insider Subscription you can use the internet browser on your tablet or phone to access all of the Insider content on without purchasing the Mobile Apps. Viewing the Footballguys Insider content on your mobile device’s internet browser is the same thing as viewing it on another laptop or desktop. Bottom line – When you purchase the Footballguys Insider Subscription, you have access to view it with your internet browser on whatever device you like.

      Folks may ask then, “If I’ve already bought a Footballguys Insider Subscription for the content online, what is the benefit of the Mobile Apps?”. That’s a good question and the answer to me is very clearly – The Mobile Apps allow us to present the content in extremely cool and functional ways that just aren’t possible with the internet browser on the tablet or phone. It’s why apps are so popular and why a real mobile app is a standalone product and much more than just a glorified bookmark icon for your mobile device’s internet browser.

      The Mobile Apps allow us to present the content in a new way and to maximize the built in technology of the mobile devices to better utilize things like swiping and screen formatting. The overwhelming feedback we’re getting from people that have subscribed to the Footballguys Insider is that that the added functionality of the dedicated Mobile Apps is an incredible value for $3.99 for the Draft GM and $5.99 for the Magazine Draft Kit (which includes the Draft GM)

      The Mobile Apps are separate products on different platforms and are purchased separately if folks want. To be clear, the Apps are brand new platforms built from the ground up. This year, we’re offering two Mobile Apps. But for the future, there may well be more apps, products and games offered that would also be separate from the Footballguys Insider Subscription. The Insider Subscription isn’t an unlimited open ended “Get every product on every platform that Footballguys ever offers”. It’s access to everything we offer online on the site. For the future, maybe we should consider coming up with a price for something like an “Ultimate Everything But The Kitchen Sink” type package. But for now, we’re offering the Footballguys Insider Subscription and then the Mobile Apps.

      Thanks for being a part of what we’re doing at Footballguys. Best to you in all you’re doing and I hope you have a great 2013.

  2. It’s like this … I don’t get the paper I don’t watch the news. I don’t check out Espn and I don’t watch much NFL network. I’m in at least five leagues every year and always win at least one, because I do read my footballguys daily email and use the insider tools. It’s a no brainier for my and I’m getting the app this morning. Actually with an iPad and a android phone I might get it twice and it’s worth every single PENNY!

  3. I am new to the “smart phone” concept… I have an Android phone(I know this because there is no Apple Icon on my phone LoL!). So when is the Android app goiong to be available and will there be a discount, buy it early cost? Thanks !

  4. Last year the magazine was available for purchase on the footballguys website even without purchasing the app in the itunes/android store. Will this also be an option this year?

  5. I spent hours of my time converting my nook to a microsd card bootable andriod tablet that runs jellybean (the newest version of android), just so I wouldn’t have to borrow the wife’s iPad! Cannot wait for the app to be available 🙂 You guys are awesome…

  6. I am a Footballguys subscriber and have used Draft Dominator for a few years now and love it. Other then the additional cost and a sexy GUI, what is the benefit of the Draft GM mobile app? How will the mobile app help me draft a better team then DD?

  7. App not working on Ipad 3 with today’s (July 22nd) update. It won’t get passed the “edit league” page. Help!

  8. @Jason, you are not alone in this. Won’t do anything for me either on the edit league page. Ipad3

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