Download the RSP Post-Draft Today!

If you think of me when you see these three players - among others - you don't need me to say any more. If you don't, perhaps its time to starting downloading the RSP publication every April 1.
If you think of me when you see these three players – among others – you don’t need me to say any more. If you don’t, perhaps its time to starting downloading the RSP Post-Draft.

The 2013 Rookie Scouting Portfolio Post-Draft Add-On is ready for download.  If you’re in a dynasty league, the combination of the 2013 RSP and the RSP Post-Draft will have you prepared for this year and beyond. Want details? Need details? I have ’em right here:

  • 67 pages
  • How to use the RSP and RSP-Post Draft together
  • Overrated/Underrated
  • Good/Bad post-draft fits
  • UDFAs to watch
  • Long-term dynasty waiver wire gems
  • Long-term developmental projects
  • Strategic overview of 2013 rookie drafts
  • Tiered Value Chart Cheat Sheet across all positions
  • Post-Draft rankings analysis and commentary
  • Average Draft Position (ADP) Data
  • RSP Ranking-to-ADP Value Data
  • Raw Data Worksheets to continue calculating additional ADP data for future drafts

Seriously, this analysis is worth the price of the 2013 RSP package alone, but you get this as a part of your purchase with the 2013 RSP. Remember 10 percent of each sale is donated to Darkness to Light to prevent sexual abuse in communities across the United States. While that alone should get you to download the RSP package, do it because you will be blown away with the detail and insight of the analysis and content. It’s why the RSP has grown so much in the past eight years.

Download the 2013 RSP and RSP Post-Draft here

Quick note: I transposed the passing touchdowns and rushing/receiving touchdowns in the post-draft. It should be 4 points per passing touchdown and 6 points for rushing and receiving scores. My apologies.

13 responses to “Download the RSP Post-Draft Today!”

  1. \mm/

    Add me to the Zac Stacy circle jerk, I guess. I think he’s criminally underrated. Hadn’t considered it, but the Henry comparison ain’t a bad one. Or maybe Barry Foster-esque(when he was healthy); Little bowling ball with good vision and a some burst.

  2. Hi,
    just browsed thru the RSP and wow this is good. I never played in the system you ranked the players. Is there a big difference from 6pts for all TD and no PPR?


    • The scoring system was transposed by mistake See above. It’s 4 for passing and 6 for rushing/receiving. I tend to project closer for PPR as it is.

      • Maybe the fact that English is my second language made my question miss the point,

        but I wanted to know if that would make a big difference in your rankings if I were to play a Standard Scoring (1 pt/25 yds passing, 1pt /10yd receiving, 6 pts for all TD) instead of the PPR you use?

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