2nd Annual RSP Writers Project: Project Draft

2nd Annual RSP Writers Project: Project Draft

So where will RGIII go in a Writer's Draft? We'll soon know as the 2nd Annual RSP Writer's Project gets underway. Photo by Mike Davis.
So where will RGIII go in a Writer’s Draft? We’ll soon know as the 2nd Annual RSP Writer’s Project gets underway. Photo by Mike Davis.
Editor’s Note: Sigmund Bloom will be leading the 2nd Annual RSP Writer’s Project. If you missed the first Writer’s Project, we fielded teams with a salary cap. Here is Bloom’s letter to last year’s participants inviting them to the second iteration of this project. More coming soon.

By Sigmund Bloom, Senior Writer/Co-Owner, Footballguys

Football talk and analysis never ends, and we want to facilitate with another round of the RSP Writer’s Project. Last year, we built rosters within a salary cap structure. This year, we’re going to go with a format everyone loves: drafting. Here’s the idea:
  • 32 owners
  • Draft order will be random.
  • 2nd and 3rd rounds will be reverse of 1st to offset big advantage of picking in top half of first half, and then it will be snake (order reverses every round) from there on out.
  • Length will be open-ended, but we’ll try to wind up before camps start for sure, and maybe earlier if we lose steam.

The point is to build the “core” of your franchise. What we’ll expect from each writer:

  • Writers will make a pick within 24 hours of when “on the clock.”
  • Give us as much as you want (at least a paragraph or two) about why you made the choice that you did within 24-48 hours of turning in the pick.
  • Feel free to talk about other players you considered, your overall strategy, picks you liked before yours that you were hoping for… whatever you want.
  • The fun part of this is making your thought process transparent, which in turn illuminates so much about what you think about the NFL
What we’ll do:
  • Keep an updated lists of picks made for reference on mattwaldmanrsp.com.
  • Publish your commentary – possibly with a little commentary of our own.
  • Publicize the project and picks on Twitter.
  • Encourage audience commentary and participation.

Once we get 32 franchises, it should be pretty easy to get the word out and get this thing rolling. In addition to snapshots of how the brightest football minds approach building a franchise, we’ll also get a nice top 150 most valuable players in the game or more based on the consensus of this supercomputer of football thinking.

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