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Do you understand this? Can you write about it? Can you diagram it over a photo of an actual game? Do you want to write about stuff like it here? Keep reading. Photo by Avinnash Kunnath.

Seeking Writers

Unlike my pals Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom, I have a a day job that does not involve football. It means that I have to cut back on some of my football writing at certain points of the year. One of those difficult choices involved saying good bye to my in-season version of my Weekly Gut Check columns (I’m still writing the column from May through late August) and it has meant fewer posts with this blog – the two football vehicles I love the most.

It won’t always be like this, but in life one has to bob and weave with the times and even a stubborn guy like me learns the ropes at some point. One of these moves is having a guy like Nick Whalen provide his analysis at the blog. I’m looking for more writers to do the same.

I can’t offer fortune – free Rookie Scouting Portfolios, yes. As for fame, it’s a relative term. However, I can offer an opportunity to post quality work that my dedicated audience of readers enjoys and shares with others across the Web. There are enough fantasy writers, football bloggers, and journalists reading this site that quality work could earn a link on their sites. Perhaps an additional offer can come from the exposure.

I’m seeking well-written analysis and skill to create photo-driven work like Nick’s Cutler piece and the stuff I’ve done here. I’d prefer NFL analysis, but I am open to work featuring college players. Please understand that I don’t have time to do a lot teaching. The writing doesn’t need to be perfect, but it has to be polished enough that I don’t need to spend a lot of time editing. Writers don’t need to be experienced, but they need to write well and understand the game.

I’m seeking writers with the desire to write something at least once a month. I’m shooting for quality over quantity. Unless the work that’s arriving to my inbox once a week blows me away, I prefer prospective writers spending a month to deliver something strong than a week on something mediocre. To quote Tyler Perry, I can do bad all by myself.

To give it a shot, email me at If I like the piece, I’ll respond about posting. If I don’t think it’s ready for posting I’ll try to provide constructive feedback. If I get a lot of writer’s sending me work then I can’t guarantee it. My apologies in advance if that becomes the case.

Football Reads and Listens

Check out “On The Couch” hosted by Sigmund Bloom. Photo by Code Poet.

On the Couch Episode with Sigmund Bloom, Jene Bramel, and me. I also recommend last week’s with Scott Pianowski with Yahoo! I wish I had linked to it last week.

The Chris Johnson Problem: Is fantasy football destroying our perceptions of NFL athletes? This Chuck Klosterman piece asks a question that I’m sure most of us see from casual fans. Most of you reading this aren’t casual fans and tend to see these guys as human beings. Well, perhaps some of you. Who am I kidding? Some of you need to a reality check.

Football Perspective Week 3 Power Rankings Chase Stuart’s blog is heaven for the historians and bean counters within us, but this week it’s the picture of “Matt Schaub” that I love.

Non-Football Reads

The Brilliant Prudence of Dwight Eisenhower:Master strategist, predictor of the future, and great poker player? There’s a lot the school books left out when profiling the guy who now makes John F. Kennedy’s term in the White House appear vastly overrated.

How Orgasms Shut Down Our Brains: Women even more than men.

Video of a 30-Meter Tall Tornado of Fire

Listens Not Safe For Work

Listens Safe For Work


Fantasy Throwdown!

This game is free, one-on-one fantasy football. Try it. Challenge your friends (all you need is their email address). Challenge someone on the site. Heck, create your own league. Check out this email from Scott, who created his own league with friends.

Hey Mike,

Just wanted to show you the FT league I started this year. You mentioned in one of your emails last year that it might be cool to start one, and (in a separate email I believe) that it would be fun to challenge your friends with some interesting rules like low score wins, use reserves only, etc. Well, I combined those ideas and came up with a league and a schedule and a standings system. (See attached spreadsheet)

Eight guys, $10 each. We play 3 throwdowns per week, rotating opponents and challengers. I decided to rank the standings by record, then point differential. Seemed the fairest way to do it because of the “Lowest Score Wins” weeks and because no throwdown is alike because of the unpredictability of the 3 NFL games picked in different throwdowns.

The guys are loving it and it’ll only get better as the season goes along!

Thanks for creating FT for us to enjoy!

Scot Kawczynski (Scott Kuff)

Still time to do the same. Drafts are quick, easy, and intuitive. Give it a shot.

Thank you

I’ll have another update soon about this year’s contributions of 10 percent of RSP sales to the non-profit Darkness to Light. Thank you for supporting this good cause, the blog, and the publication. That is what you’re doing when you’re buying the RSP.


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