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Busts of (diagonal from l-r) Jim Brown, Vince Lombardi, and Bronko Nagurski at the Pro Football Hall of Fame last summer.
Happy Birthday Sigmund Bloom

If you are a Footballguys subscriber, an Audible listener, Bleacher Report reader, or a frequenter of Twitter, then odds are you know the peripatetic football intellectual that is Sigmund Bloom. Happy birthday to my colleague, football muse, and friend and thank you for what you contribute to this community – substantial is too bland of a word for what you do. I think if Bloom could have the equivalent of a Parisian salon and be the Gertrude Stein of football, he’d be hosting writers yesterday. In a sense, I have a feeling he already is doing so in the virtual sense.

Strange Sanctuary? For fantasy owners, Marshawn Lynch qualifies. Photo by Matt McGhee.

RSP Writers Project

Jene Bramel, Alessandro Miglio, and Matt Miller have submitted their projects and I will be posting them within the next 10-14 days. I also have three projects from readers that I believe will be worthwhile posts. At least one of them will be posted early next week. I’m doing two teams (because I’m hosting this monster). My first finished roster will preview later this weekend. Q&A will be coming before I leave on…


I’m heading to Memphis for a little R&R, so blog posts are likely to be sporadic next week. The Stax Museum, the Civil Rights Museum, the Southern Folklore Museum, Cozy Corner BBQ, Charlie Vergos, Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken (and Gus’), BBQ Shop, Payne’s, King’s Palace, BB King’s Blues Club, and Wild Bill’s (perhaps) is on the itinerary. If you have a suggestion for food, sites, or blues/jazz, drop me a line.

Fantasy Football Reads

Here’s the first two articles of a series in my Gut Check column that I call Strange Sanctuaries: Fantasy players that are safer than you think. Marshawn Lynch and Randy Moss lead off the series.

Jeff Tefertiller is a prolific writer at and his column Dynasty News You Can Use has some helpful nuggets distributed throughout. Look for Bobby Rainey to get a chance to make some noise and land a reserve role if Bernard Pierce continues to disappoint like he did in OTAs.

IDP? Eyes of the Guru is a great read every year. Check out John Norton’s column on the AFC West. You’ll be hooked.

Football Reads

Football Outsiders’ writer Mike Tanier’s Walkthrough column. Good writer, fun read, and he’s out of his flipping mind if he walks out of a dimly lit room with game film of Franco Harris and Edgerrin James, and chooses Harris. He even alludes to that likelihood. Get in there, Tanier.

Congratulations to Josh Norris, who can now officially announce that he’s heading up Rotoworld’s new draft section of the web site. He gives his takes on the Supplemental Draft Prospects (almost wrote “projects,” Freudian Slip?) for July 11.

Former Auburn RB Michael Dyer forced to redshirt after following Gus Malzahn to Arkansas State and recently booted, ex-UGA RB Isaiah Crowell going to Alabama State.

Not a Notre Dame fan, but I am a Cierre Wood fan. Dane Brugler (through Rob Rang) has some good things to say about the running back.

Non-Football Reads

Still Confused about the Higgs Boson? Read This. Read it because I’m not. Tell me what I missed. Okay, maybe I’ll read it later.


When politicians have real moments: Michael Bloomberg, “Who Wrote this ‘Shizzle’?”

The Seatbelts – Spokey Dokey


The Seatbelts – “Tank” (theme of Cowboy Bebop)

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  1. That Atlantic article does a good job of explaining what the HB is, but doesn’t do much to say how it works.

    Imagine a surprise birthday party: the room is the Higgs field (a theoretical plane that permeates the universe), the guests are Higgs bosons. When the birthday girl (a proton, neutron, any particle that can have mass) enters, the guests crowd around to congratulate, slowing the birthday girl’s progress through the room. Only a limited number of guests can be in her vicinity at a given time; as she moves through the room, different guests cluster around her as others fall back. This clustering action is how the Higgs boson lends mass to particles.

    There’s another similar explanation for how the HB behaves with electrons or other particles that can act as waves, but I’ll be damned if I can regurgitate it.

      • Oh man I skimmed over the Memphis plans, WILD BILL’S IS THE SHIT. You’re right on top of the band no matter where you sit, everyone is so fucking chill and nice and happy, and the wings are cheap and delicious. Cannot recommend more strongly.

      • That’s what I keep hearing. My wife is an early bird when it comes to staying up late, but she so wants to go that I think she’ll be willing to take a nap so we can have a good time that night. Glad to hear another good recommend for it!

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