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Wish there was a corner like Mike Haynes for the RSP Writers Project


Another Friday, another round of thanks to my readers – as well as all the writers – frequenting the RSP blog and participating in the RSP Writers Project. This exercise of building an NFL franchise is addictive, isn’t it? It’s also a great platform to share knowledge.

If you’re new to the RSP and you’re a fantasy football owner, a draftnik, or diehard football fan with an interest in rookie prospects I recommend you check out the Rookie Scouting Portfolio publication and its post-draft “little brother” publication. Those of you that read my work know that I like to occasionally joke around but I’m generally modest about the work I do. Bashful? No. Modest? Yeah.

Not with the RSP. If you want your expectations exceeded, download the 2012 RSP and the Post-draft (a package at one low price of $19.95) and find out a huge reason why this blog has built a steady loyal following. Your purchase not only gives you a great resource of information and supports my efforts with this blog so I can take time to organize and maintain experiments like the RSP Writers project, but I also give 10 percent of each sale to Darkness to Light to combat sexual abuse through community training of adults so they can recognize the insidious dynamics in play.

Football Reads (Or, “Ryan Riddle Day” at the RSP Blog)

Ryan Riddle’s Breaking Down the Art of the Pass Rush – best thing I’ve read in a month. Instructive, detailed, and well-written. He’s becoming a favorite read of mine.

I’ll make it a Riddle three-fer and give you two others that I enjoyed:

Randy Moss: Ex-Teammate on a Future Hall of Famer Part I – Think you know Randy Moss?

Life on the Roster Bubble: Thoughts From a Former NFL Player – The first thing I read from Ryan and quite a revealing look at the NFL from the perspective of a young player trying to make a team.

By the way, Riddle just agreed to participate in the RSP Writers Project. Another great addition to the writers sharing their football knowledge in a constructive exercise.

Evan Silva is breaking down an interview he did with Greg Cosell into a series short takes. Definitely worth a look. Here’s one on Demarco Murray, which is a rare case where I actually disagree strongly with Cosell’s pre-draft assessment of the OU back. Agree or disagree, Cosell is a terrific resource with a ton of knowledge about the game and a worthwhile read. [By the way, Murray had good lateral movement early in his OU career, he was playing hurt for much of his time as an upperclassmen, that can impact lateral agility until completely healthy.]

Fantasy Football Reads

Why be bashful about promoting my own stuff on my own blog, right? I continue my Gut Check column Insanity Series with takes on Robert Meachem and Coby Fleener.

IDP Guru John Norton breaks down defenses at Footballguys.

One of my fave Footballguys writers Jason Wood details coaching changes and the fantasy impact it could have around the NFL.

Non-Football Reads

Cellphone Companies Will Share Your Location Data, Just Not With You

Immigrants Responsible for Large Share of U.S. Patents, Study Finds

Marcus Samuelsson: On Becoming a Top Chef

Listens and Views

Renee Neufville with Roy Hargrove – Forget Regret

Charles Mingus – Better Get Hit In Your Soul

Freddie Hubbard and Michael Brecker playing Moose the Mooche? It’s the jazz equivalent of Marvin Harrison catching a pass from Peyton Manning. Two gifted technicians with a balls to the wall mentality and fantastic timing.

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