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Happy Friday. Hope you’re as pumped as Tuck today. If not, don’t worry. The RSP Writers Project will be back within a day or two. Photo by Chris Pusateri.

RSP Football Writers Project Update

I got some additional input from Football Outsiders columnist Ben Muth on players values this week. – Muth, a former college and NFL offensive lineman whose popular column grades offensive line performance, was gracious enough to make some tweaks along with me and Rotoworld’s Josh Norris to get the values of the linemen aligned with the rest of the player values.

This isn’t to detract from the excellent work Matt Bitonti did. There were more tweaks to the values in addition to the offensive line. And for the most part, the issue wasn’t the values of the players that Matt set, but the skeleton of how linemen should be valued versus other positions.

Simply put, we needed a trial run to see where to adjust. Matt did a fine job of putting everything together with the expectations I communicated to him and if he hadn’t, we would have been able to present the project this week for what I’m calling a “trial run.” And judging by the response, this time of the year is perfect for the project.

I have all the values set. I’m taking another day or two to decide on the new salary cap. Once I do, I’ll post the new spreadsheet here (with the date of the update in the title) and begin taking requests for player updates, which I’ll post on this page. Based on the initial response from select writers, they are still satisfied with their teams, but more in the sense of “I can work with this team, but if I just could get these [3-4] players I’d really be happy” rather than “I’m happy (and maybe even thrilled) with this team.”

That’s more realistic.

By the way…

If you haven’t downloaded the 2012 Rookie Scouting Portfolio and the 2012 Rookie Scouting Portfolio Post-Draft, get on it! Over 1100 pages of film study like you’ve never seen before and 10 percent goes to Darkness to Light to combat sexual abuse.

Views: Project “Get Wildman Fit”

Good stuff. Probably put years back on my life. See below.

I want to thank all my readers for the encouragement last week. As of this morning I’m 189 pounds, which is between 41-45 pounds less than I was April 22 when I began this effort to get healthier. It’s also where I was when I began writing full time, which means I’ve reached my initial goal. I’ve done nothing but consume fresh fruits, veggies, and water since that time. Nothing else.

In fact, I’ll say this: If you saw the movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (free on Hulu) and wondered if it could work, I am 60-day testimonial that it can. The key is making a serious commitment to changing your lifestyle afterwards and that’s what I’m working on next.  I’m now at a point where I’m beginning to do more intense daily exercise than simply 45 minutes to an hour of walking, but it’s a gradual process as a 42 year-old guy.

If I lose more weight as I’m changing my lifestyle, great. If not, I’m pretty happy with where I’m at right now. I sleep through the night like I used to. My Senior Bowl roommates Cecil Lammey, Jene Bramel, and Andrew Garda can attest that I used to snore at the volume of a road work crew stationed inside the hotel room. My wife says I haven’t snored in seven weeks. If you are really committed to changing your lifestyle, I recommend looking into that link above – not necessarily doing what I did. If you want to talk with me about it, I’ll be glad to correspond.

However, this is probably going to be the last time I evangelize about this subject for a while. I’m just proud to be back at a healthy weight, amazed at the process, and putting this out there to give me further motivation to stay committed to it because keeping the weight off takes more of commitment than losing it.


Ryan Riddle’s Bleacher Report Column “Life on the Roster Bubble”: Sigmund Bloom touted Riddle’s article yesterday on Twitter and on last night’s Audible. I read it after we did the show and of course, Bloom is dead-on. If you want to understand why some guys never make it, this is a huge window into that mystery. It doesn’t just apply to talents on the bubble, either. There are big-time prospects that have to deal with the same process.

Chase Stuart’s “Football Perspective,” a new blog: I probably tout Bloom and Jene Bramel most among the staffers that I read. There are plenty more and I’m going to make a greater effort to mention them. I’m beginning with Stuart, whose “Player Points” that he does each spring and summer at the site is fantastic reading. Stuart’s blog is just as strong. Filled with historical perspective, Stuart looks at the game with a scope of knowledge that I love. Check out his post Steven Jackson: the Ollie Matson of the 21st Century. I can’t say enough of this site.

Word of Muth: Want to learn more about offensive line play? Ben Muth is the guy to help you. His Football Outsiders column that reviews a game with the focus on line play is insightful and humorous.


Bootsy Collins and an All-Star Cast, “Healing Power”

Michael Brecker and Pat Metheny “Extradition”

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