New Cap for the RSP Writers Project

Ndamukong Suh, it was nice to have you on my team for all of a few days… Photo by beatboxbadhabit.

After looking at two rosters and consulting with a few more writers, I’m cutting the salary cap and asking the writers to start over. It’s not enough of a challenge. Even when I limit myself to prospects at skill positions, my offensive line and defensive line are too good. There’s no way I should have offensive and defensive lines this good or be able to field Victor Cruz, Miles Austin, and A.J. Green on the same squad with passable (or good) units in other phases of the game.

I don’t want this to be fantasy football in that sense.

I want to make the writers work at this and $160 million is just a fun time diversion for a few days. I’ve enjoyed it immensely, but I want to force everyone to really think about what they are submitting and agonize. I’m mean in that way.

So I’m dropping the cap from $160 million at least by $20 million, maybe more. I’ve informed the writers. They all groaned, but also laughed because many of them had teams they really liked and readily admitted it wasn’t realistic.

So if you still want to play the $160 million version, I’ll keep the spreadsheet up here. However, I’ll be out with a revised, writers version in a few days.

And I was so loving my Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse defensive line. I was dreaming up the poster of those guys riding Harley’s, dressed in black cloaks…

6 responses to “New Cap for the RSP Writers Project”

  1. I just finished my first team and it was way too good. Is just the cap going down or are players’ values going to be changing?

  2. Well….razzberries.

    And I just got done writing up all my answers for your questions. Curses!

  3. IMO your player values were way off, which is unavoidable to an extent, but I feel lie the MOST fair way to assign values would be to go off of PFF grades weighted towards aspects of the game involving passing. Obviously I don’t expect you to actually do this haha.

  4. I like my team, but you’re right. It’s too easy. I finished it in a day, and my lines are really good. There are plenty of places where I could have downgraded by a little bit, but didn’t need to under this cap.

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