New York Times Fifth Down Blog Top-Five Series

Polk kicks off my series of the top-five players at each skill position at the New York Times Fifth Down Blog. Photo by James Santelli.

For the second year, I’ve been invited to contribute my top-five skill players at each position at theNew York Times Fifth Downblog. Today, I begin with Washington RB Chris Polk:

5.  Chris Polk, running back, Washington (5-10, 215)

Physically and conceptually, Polk is almost everything you want from a lead back or a feature runner in the N.F.L. He is one of the better after-contact runners in the 2012 class, but it might not seem that way to some because he frequently he has to work hard to get yardage past the line of scrimmage. Upon closer examination,  he does it with good balance, quick feet and good leg drive after contact. He has some of the more impressive 2-yard runs I’ve seen all year.

He has both punishing power and slippery power, which is an unusual combination for a player. He is strong enough in both his upper and lower body to run through wraps, bounce off hits and ward of defenders with a stiff arm to get yards after contact. He also likes to punish defenders at the end of runs.

But Polk is not just a powerful back. [Click here for more]

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