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David Dodds in Japan spreading his method of fantasy draft domination. (Sorry DD, I couldn't resist).

Fantasy Football

Congratulations to David Dodds, who was elected to the Fantasy Sports Writers Hall of Fame. Although there are some who wonder why we have a Hall of Fame, if accountants can have one I suppose fantasy writers can, too. That being the case, Dodds is most deserving of the honor. He’s an innovative mind in the fantasy sports industry and his work spans more than just writing, but shaping content that has made Footballguys a leader in the industry.

Are your really running your fantasy football team?: Cognitive Bias in our favorite fake sport. by Renee Miller. It’s a good piece, it’s a topic I thought about covering at some point after writing about this professor’s research.


Do you remember Todd Marinovich, the “Robo-QB”  of the mid-to-late `80s who was trained by his father and molded into a top prep prospect? The storyline was the reportedly extreme methods the elder Marinovich took to work with his son. Todd went to USC and the Raiders later drafted him. Despite a nice debut with the Raiders, his career never took off and in many respects it self-destructed.

What’s most fascinating to me is his present. Marinovich is now an artist – you can see his work here. Its so easy to judge a person for youthful mistakes and forget that there’s a lot more life to live. I believe his story will be on ESPN tomorrow.

This James Blood Ulmer performance has a psychedelic feel. Thanks for sharing it, Bryan.

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