Best Offensive Play of the Year

Aaron Rodgers is amazing. His back shoulder throws and guided-missile burners through three levels of defenders in the middle of the field can leave you speechless. But for my money, there’s nothing better than the elemental force of a running back winning a battle with a linebacker.

Especially when that linebacker is perhaps the greatest football player the NFL has seen for the past 15 years. Maybe one of then 10 best, ever.

Marshawn Lynch doing it again, folks.This is when having a blog is especially fun. Hopefully you’ll see it here before YouTube removes it. May I suggest looping this bad boy for a few minutes while listening to AC/DC’s Back in Black. Or you can just watch the best offensive play from last year:

I could watch this for an hour. It’s the kind of run you imagine having as a kid (or an adult having a kid moment like I do when I walk on Herty Field on my way to lunch every day) when you daydream about playing football. I’ll leave you with Lynch at Cal.



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  1. My favourite individual offensive play of this year was Denarius Moore’s catch between defenders in the end zone against the Bills. It was a simply incredible show of athleticism, leaping ability and hands.

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