Quick Announcement: New Series

As an actual NFL player Laurence Mauroney was a bust, but he was a great prospect. How great? Find out in the coming days if he makes my RB list in a new series where I rank the top 10 prospects during my tenure of researching the Rookie Scouting Portfolio (2006-2011). Photo by Sean O'Brien.

Tom Moore, one of my Twitter followers, asked me to rank Alabama’s Trent Richardson within the scope of the top RB prospects during the last 10 years of drafts. I thought it was a good idea, but I simply haven’t finished my due diligence on the 2012 draft class to feel comfortable compiling that kind of ranking. However I can do a series where I rank the top 10 prospects at each skill position for the duration I’ve been writing the Rookie Scouting Portfolio.

Expect this series to begin at the end of the week.

I’m still determining whether I will rank my players based on the potential I saw in them or a combo of potential and hindsight analysis based on their actual pro performance, but I hope this will be an entertaining series. It’s going to be fun to write, that’s for sure.

I’m also hoping to land an interview with Chris Brown and/or former Scout Dave Razzano for you guys, but I’ve had some trouble getting them to respond after initially expressing interest. Maybe those of you on Twitter can give them a nudge and tell them that you’d be interested in reading about them in a Q&A at the Rookie Scouting Portfolio (you know, “Power to the People” and all that good stuff).

If not, that’s okay. I’m good buddies with this certain S.O.B. who I’ve been waiting to interview, but biding my time to make the request of him. I think he’ll make time though.


2 responses to “Quick Announcement: New Series”

  1. The top prospects series sounds exciting, whether you do it by potential or by potential+hindsight analysis. Personally I’d like to see some hindsight analysis included, but moreso to compensate for a lack of on-field production. In other words, if your initial evaluation is correct, and the player flashed the ability to produce in the pro’s, but his career was negatively impacted by injury/lack of opportunity/other factors outside his control, then he still merits inclusion on the list (though probably not as highly as a player who was a great prospect and turned into a great professional).

    I’d really like to read an interview with Chris Brown. His site has been a huge help to those of us who didn’t play football and want to understand the game the way coaches, players, and talent evaluators do.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Troy. If you want to help the process, Tweet Brown or email him about the idea of sitting down to do an interview with the RSP. He’s a busy guy, but I imagine some reader feedback would bump it higher on his list 😉

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