Quick Post: Cam Newton shades of Steve McNair

Watching Cam Newton this weekend move around the pocket with poise, deliver lasers off balance, and run with the speed of a tailback and the toughness of a fullback reminded me of my all-time favorite NFL player, Steve McNair. The similarities are striking to me. I just hope Newton is willing to work and deal with adversity on the field the way McNair did. If so, there’s no reason he can’t match some of McNair’s accomplishments.

If you never saw McNair play when he was still a young and healthy quarterback, or you simply forgot what he looked like before his numerous surgeries had its cumulative effect, check out these videos. Give McNair the receivers and running game that Michael Vick has now and there wouldn’t need be a desperation week against the Redskins. Put McNair in Indianapolis and the Colts would at least be .500. If the Bears had McNair on Monday night versus the Lions, Chicago wins.

Okay, maybe all that isn’t true but indulge a fan on his blog, will ya?


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  1. McNair was my QB on a couple of championship-winning teams back in the late 90s so thanks for the trip back down memory lane.

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