Gone Fishing…

Hey Folks,

I’ve been ill for the past week and I was in Baltimore the week before on a family trip. I’ve only had enough energy to direct to the paid gigs. However, beginning next week I will be posting with greater frequency.



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  1. It can’t be true! The One is vulnerable to planetary conditions? How will we now navigate the Fantasy Matrix during Week 4?? Probable? Questionable? Doubtful? Who should I start if Waldman can’t suit up? Dodds, Hansen, or Bloom?

    Damn. Once again we’re seeing the effects of the lockout. In consecutive weeks we have lost a QB1 (Manning), RB1 (Charles), a WR1 (Britt), and possibly now a FG1 (Waldman). Teams can survive losing position players, but the loss of your starting FantasyGuru presents a tough obstacle. The value dropoff for that position is especially steep.

    Sorry. Got carried away. I love fantasy football.

    –Get well, sir. All the best to the best (fantasy writer).

    • Right, sorry. Purely comedic intention with that message. The idea worked only in the context of fantasy football.

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