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Gene Upshaw at his best. 

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The RSP is a 120-150 page rookie report loaded withanalysis, rankings, and player comparisons of over 150 offensive skill position prospects. And unlike any publication remotely of its type, I also show the reader my work with an appendix containing hundreds of pages of game study notes as well as my position-specific scoring checklists adopted from best-practice methods for performance evaluation.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting more prospect analysis that you’ll likely see in the 2012 Rookie Scouting Portfolio, which will be available here for purchase in the early spring.

Back issues of the RSP (2006-2010) are available for purchase by emailing me.

Reads, Listens, Views

It’s this time of the week where I share what I’ve been reading, listening, and viewing each week – football, fantasy football, and non-football.

Football – Two Links from writer Alen Dumonjic, who does an excellent job of analyzing the game. 

Goal-Line Stand – This is a part of the website The Score. I strongly recommend Alen’s contributions. He does a fantastic job with X’s and O’s and explaining football technique.

Inside the matchup: Patriots vs. Dolphins by Alen Dumonjic courtesy of – I know this is last week’s game but the analysis is insightful and explains concepts that go beyond this game.


Sewing her way out of poverty By Nicholas D. Kristof – The inspiring story of a married mother in Kenya who resorted to prostitution to support her children after they pushed out of her house by her husband who brought in a new wife. The mother learns to sew, creates a business, and with the help of a microsavings program earns enough to work her way out of poverty.

Super-Earth: Newly discovered planet could potentially support life  By Denise Chow

Tidal Turbines: New sparks of hope for green energy from beneath the waves by Colin Woodward – A town on the Maine coast is the Kitty Hawk for green energy.

A Photo Essay on the Great Depression


El Nino performed by the late, great Michael Brecker – perhaps the one saxophonist who built on what John Coltrane did (while also performing with the likes of Aerosmith, Cameo, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen, and over 900 albums of music of every genre).

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