RSP Readers Poll: 2011 NFL Season

With the 2011 NFL season approaching fast I want to know your takes. Photo by Matt McGee

I have great readers and I’m curious about your takes heading into the 2011 NFL season. Since I’ve spent all summer giving my takes on the NFL, now it’s your turn to share yours.  Below are 15 questions. Some you can comment or write in your take. You have week to respond.

2 responses to “RSP Readers Poll: 2011 NFL Season”

  1. If a week with Madden 12 has taught me anything it’s that a team with no OL continuity and no competent QB is hopeless. Carroll and Schneider’s roster teardown will pay dividends when they take Luck with the first overall pick.

    CIN is bad, but 3-13 worst case, especially with the NFC and AFC West divisions on the schedule. Everyone else in the NFCW improved except SEA. #1 overall for sure.

  2. Carolina once again will end up with the number 1 pick. I also think a surprise team(KC?) will have a meltdown and be in contention.

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