Quick Announcement 8/25

I’ve had the pleasure to speak with NFL Films producer Greg Cosell a few times over the years. If you aren’t familiar with his work, read this excellent feature in the New York Times. Beginning Sunday, I will be posting Q&A’s I’ve had with Greg on two different occasions. A 45-minute conversation from three years go and an hour-long conversation we had this afternoon that was just awesome.

I felt a little bit like a kid in a candy store asking him about some of the things you’ll be seeing this week:

  • Offensive and defensive schemes and systems he likes in the NFL.
  • Takes on various rookies.
  • Takes on nearly 20 different veterans from every position.
  • He willingly played the game where I asked him to choose between several sets of players that I posed to him just to get him to share his historical knowledge of the game (Ray Lewis vs. Dick Butkus or Bo Jackson vs. Eric Dickerson).
  • The role of Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski in the Patriots offense.
  • A great anecdote about Michael Irvin paying a visit to NFL Films.
  • Past thoughts on players like Jerod Mayo, Vince Young, Tyrell Johnson, and Darren McFadden.
  • Emerging players.

So stay tuned. It was a lot of fun to pick Cosell’s brain. I think you’re going to enjoy his generosity.


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  1. I absolutely cannot wait to read this. Please post the A. Hernandez and R. Gronkowski part first because my auction draft is this Saturday and I cannot get them both, just one. So I am dying here.

    • I’ll give you a teaser since it won’t be ready then. While I like Hernandez (he does too as a WR), he sees Gronkowski is a more athletic Jason Witten. However, stat-wise he sees Welker as the only 90-catch guy in that offense. The rest will be evenly distributed if he were to guess.

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