Eye Catching Tweets from NFL Camp 8/8

According to Falcons RB Michael Turrner, Jacquizz Rodgers was a victim of child abuse in Sunday's practice. Photo by Greg Keene.

Quick Takes for Monday

Jacquizz Rodgers

Atlanta_Falcons: Mike Peterson gives Jacquizz Rodgers a friendly pop after a screen. Turner yells to Pete, “Quit picking on little kids!

My Take: Looks like Rodgers got a taste of Monday a day early. Welcome to the NFL. I’m sure you’re time will come. But this year will be a seat at the kiddie table.

49ers rookie QB Colin Kaepernick is getting some love from teammates. Will he progress enough in camp to beat incumbent Alex Smith? Photo by Daily Sports Herald

Marques Colston

LHolderCBS: We keep being told #Saints WR Marques Colston (knee) is being rested, but he has missed the last three practices.

My Take: I’m not a huge Robert Meachem fan, but I recognize that the receiver has the most potential of any young veteran on the roster. To Meachem’s credit, the former Tennessee Volunteer has a strong deep game and he flashes moments of franchise caliber play. At best, he’s where Sidney Rice was a few years ago – on the cusp of great play. At worst, he’s rotating with Devery Henderson and Lance Moore. Colston’s knee is only going to continue to be a question mark as his career progresses. But at this point, just consider it some rest for a veteran who doesn’t need a lot of reps right now anyhow.

Christian Ponder

1500ESPN: Notebook: Christian Ponder takes ‘a step back’ in situational work #Vikings (via the 1500 ESPN SportsWire) http://bit.ly/nbu0Fz

My Take: Donovan McNabb should be good enough to keep Ponder on the bench for at least a couple of seasons. This will be good thing for the Vikings, because I expect McNabb to be a much better fit for Minnesota than he was for Washington. Expect a rebound season for McNabb.

Dwayne Harris

@BryanBroaddus: In Red Zone work, Dwayne Harris was getting work with first group of WRs Bryant + Austin. Good on middle of field routes.

My Take: Unlike some of my peers attending the Senior Bowl, I liked what I saw from Harris. The reason is that with every rep Harris did a little better than the last. He responded well to coaching and the natural ability was evident. Like Earl Bennett of the Bears Harris won’t catch your eye physically, but he’s a fine runner after the catch and he does a good job of making plays with his hands. He’s going to need some time to really come into his own, but once he refines the techniques he’ll need to become a quality pro receiver, Dallas will have a very good slot receiver/return specialist with potential to play on the outside if needed.

Julius Thomas

@cecillammey: day 5 camp report: Julius Thomas has gone from 4th rounder to running with 1s to drawing double coverage in 5 days #Broncos

Yes. Thomas still rotating in w/ 1st team RT @Broncosfan1915: Is Julius Thomas still making plays now that Rosario & Fells are on the field.

My Take: Looks like Lammey might be right about Thomas as the best prospect of the second- and third-day tight ends that the Broncs selected. This could be a huge development for the offense if Thomas can start and deliver immediately because his versatility as a receiver will provide some nice scheme flexibility for Kyle Orton. Thomas is now a player to watch.

Colin Kaepernick

MWagaman: #49ers TE Delanie Walker on rookie QB Colin Kaepernick “I think there’s gonna be a real good competition between he and Alex.”

My Take: This is more of an indictment of Alex Smith than validation of Kaepernick’s skills. Kaepernick isn’t a bad prospect, but he’s not a player who will benefit from getting rushed onto the field. His skills in the pocket need work and I think a lot of draft analysts and beat writers are infatuated with his physical ability to get outside the pocket.

Mikel Leshoure

Adam Schefter: According to reporters on the scene at practice, Lions rookie RB Mikel Leshoure was carted off field today with a left leg injury. Beat writer Tom Kowalski says it’s a left foot injury.

My Take: This could be a precautionary move by the training staff, but not a good sign. Leshoure was slated for short yardage opportunities as well as a change of pace role. He also was looking good during the first week of camp. Updated: Leshoure has a torn Achilles. This could be the death knell of his career. A horrible injury for a running back.

Adrian Wilson

Adam Schefter: Cardinals Pro Bowl S Adrian Wilson has a torn muscle in his bicep, but he is determined to try to play with it. Will get 2nd opinion.

My Take: Don’t you need your arms to tackle? I guess Wilson assumes he’ll be able to knock opponents to the ground, but he’s going to make himself vulnerable to open field moves. I don’t know how he’ll be able to hold up in run support, either.

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