Reads, Listens, and Views – 7/21

Football helmet of the late Owen Thomas, a former University of Pennsylvania football player, brought to the hearing on H.R 6172, Protecting Student Athletes from Concussions Act by his mother, Rev. Katherine E. Brearley, Ph.D.Photo by House Committee on Education and Workforce Dem


It has been a fun couple of months here at the Rookie Scouting Portfolio. I want to extend a hearty thanks to all of you who have been repeat visitors to my blog and given me some terrific feedback. If you like what you’ve seen thus far, please consider these three acts of kindness:

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As we get into the college football season, I’ll be posting more prospect analysis as I conduct research for the 2012 Rookie Scouting Portfolio, which will be available here for purchase in the early spring.

A new thing I’ll be doing on the blog is sharing what I’ve been reading, listening, and viewing each week – football, fantasy football, and non-football.

This week includes:

  • Important research on football safety.
  • Footballguy Jason Wood’s well-reasoned thoughts on WR Brandon Lloyd.
  • A poetic view of blue collar life by the great Phillip Levine.
  • A barking cat.
  • Grammy Winning bassist-singer-composer Esperanza Spalding.


Virginia Tech Helmet Research Crucial by Greg Easterbrook

Study up: John Jenkins’ Houston run and shoot by Chris Brown

The Coach by Sport Illustrated writer Curry Kirkpatrick

Damn Good Dogs! by Sonny Seiler and Kent Hannon

Greg McElroy Analysis by Ryan at MockDraftClub

Fantasy Football

Brandon Lloyd Spotlight by Jason Wood,

Incorporating IDP by Jene Bramel and Bob Magaw,

Reading the Defense (Part2) by Jene Bramel,

Consistency Calculator by Mike MacGregor,


USA Inc. by Mary Meeker

Social Media History Becomes a Job Hurdle by Jennifer Preston

As Wall St. Polices Itself, Prosecutors Use Softer Approach by Gretchen Morgenson and Louise Story

What Work Is and Animals Are Passing from Our Lives by Phillip Levine

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Interview with Trey Anastasio Never even listened to Phish, but good read. Thanks Bryan, I will be checking them out soon.


Bridges – Cee-Lo Green (Thanks Sigmund Bloom)

Truth Will Set You Free – Mother’s Finest (Thanks Jim White)

Guitar Oscillations Captured by iPhone (Thanks Shablik)

Lonely Woman – Ornette Coleman

Barking Cat Busted

Esperanza Spalding

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  1. The one suggestion I have for the blog itself is using a fold/jump on longer entries, especially those with a lot of YouTube videos. This will allow you to fit more entries per page and make for faster loading/easier browsing.

    Awesome job so far, looking forward to your thoughts throughout the upcoming season.

      • When you’re writing a post, there’s a little button on the toolbar that says “Add ‘more’ tag” or somesuch. Insert that wherever you want to cut off the above-the-fold part.

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