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  • Rehabbing the Wonderlic

    Rehabbing the Wonderlic

    The Wonderlic and the NFL’s misguided use of it continues to fascinate. I propose a solution. If you’ve seen the Audible Podcast where I commented on the Wonderlic exam, then you know my suggested alternative to the Wonderlic. This test was designed in 1936 and the military adopted it for measuring a pilot’s ability to think fast. One…

  • Futures: “I am smarter than ‘Phillip’ Rivers”

    Futures: “I am smarter than ‘Phillip’ Rivers”

      The Wonderlic is great for testing future loan officers, but Matt Waldman would rather have Wonderlic failures like Jim Kelly or Ray Lewis as his on-field CEOs. Futures: I Am Smarter Than “Phillip” Rivers   by Matt Waldman   “You scored a 32 –- that’s better than Phillip Rivers. He scored a 30. Rivers’…