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  • The Gut Check No.279 – Assessing the Quarter Pole of the Fantasy Season

    The Gut Check No.279 – Assessing the Quarter Pole of the Fantasy Season

    Leave at the curb? Wait a few more miles? Ride or die? Which call should you make with these worrisome players? Matt Waldman scouts the fantasy football landscape at the season’s quarter pole. Stranded With Bramel: A true Story This week’s Gut Check begins with a true story (except for one name change – and […]

  • How I’d Use Tim Tebow In New England

    How I’d Use Tim Tebow In New England

    Outside of Kenbrell Thompkins and Shane Vereen, I haven’t been a close observer of Patriots training camp. However, I heard there might be some use of Tebow as a tight end and it got me thinking of how I’d use Tim Tebow if I were New England’s offensive coordinator. The Obvious I’d be shocked if […]

  • Quarterback Development: When Practice Reports Are Useless

      “A lot of times you learn from your mistakes. You know, you gotta make the mistakes to learn from them,” he said. “And you never know how tight a window is until you throw it, and it was too tight. You try to force a ball into certain areas and then you learn from […]

  • Quarterback Techniques Part II (Not Safe for Work)

    Warning: This blog post isn’t for the corporate mindset. It’s safe to read at work except for the first link you come across. However, if you’re the kind of idiot (and I use the term affectionately – we all act like idiots from time to time. It’s part of the human condition) that feels the […]

  • Pocket Presence

    One of my first blog posts was  Losing Your Football Innocence: 10 Things to Develop A More Critical Eye. It stresses the importance of studying NFL players and using them as a standard for evaluating college talent. Many of my peers who study games agree that while you’ll be hard pressed to find a college […]

  • Emerging NFL Talents: QB John Beck

    Although my takes on the players in the next series of posts might be useful to fantasy owners, this isn’t a fantasy football article. I’m not projecting stats. I’m writing about talented players whose portfolio of work reveals techniques and behaviors that I think translate well to the NFL game. At the end of the […]