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  • Senior Bowl Day 2: Offense – 2017 NFL Draft Prospects

    Senior Bowl Day 2: Offense – 2017 NFL Draft Prospects

    It was an action-packed day for both teams. Continuing the theme that players are on different development tracks and coaches recognize it, there’s no better place to begin on Day 2 than with the South wide receivers and Al Saunders.The work that the venerable receiving coach of the Browns revealed great intel on each of […]

  • A Senior Bowl Primer

    A Senior Bowl Primer

    What I’ve learned about these practices and events and how I approach them. [Matt’s Note: I originally wrote this in 2017. With minor updates, these thoughts still apply.] Whether you’re a writer attending the Senior Bowl for the first time or you’re new to the all-star game as a fan, I’m sharing my perspective here. […]

  • Sr. Bowl Weigh-In

    Sr. Bowl Weigh-In

    Ask me 15 years ago if I thought I’d ever be critiquing the butts of men and I would have laughed you out of the room. Looking back, I can say that time makes asses of us all.  When it comes to the Senior Bowl Weigh-In, I’ve given you the basic facts and commentary as well as the […]

  • Matt Waldman Day 2: North and South

    Matt Waldman Day 2: North and South

    Matt Waldman views Day 2 as part of a week-long process. Several player takes inside, including game-tape examples from other contests. It’s another round of posts where we’re burning the late night oil. I wish I could share why, but the most I can say about my meetings with this person is that my readers […]

  • Senior Bowl: Day Three

    Senior Bowl: Day Three

    This is going to be a reasonably quick take of Day Three, because morning will be here sooner for us than many others staying in Mobile or flying out of here. As opposed to the detailed, player-by-player highlights I gave the first two days, here are the takes I think everyone needs to know based […]