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  • Futures: Studying the Asterisk (My pre-draft analysis of Russell Wilson)

    Futures: Studying the Asterisk (My pre-draft analysis of Russell Wilson)

    I’m going to show you why Wilson has NFL starter potential and why the 6-foot-0 Drew Brees is a good template for how an NFL team can win with Wilson. Note: This is a bit of blog housecleaning on my part. If you’ve subscribed to my blog for more than two years, odds are likely […]

  • The Gut Check No.279 – Assessing the Quarter Pole of the Fantasy Season

    The Gut Check No.279 – Assessing the Quarter Pole of the Fantasy Season

    Leave at the curb? Wait a few more miles? Ride or die? Which call should you make with these worrisome players? Matt Waldman scouts the fantasy football landscape at the season’s quarter pole. Stranded With Bramel: A true Story This week’s Gut Check begins with a true story (except for one name change – and […]

  • “If You’re Looking For The Next Russell Wilson…”

    “If You’re Looking For The Next Russell Wilson…”

    WARNING: This is a post is about to engage in a severe form of nitpicking of two quality analysts of football – one whom I know and respect greatly. I only know the true intention of one of the two statements below about NFL quarterback prospects and that one came with Doug’s response after originally […]

  • Football Godfather: Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)

    Football Godfather: Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)

    I’ve been asked 2-3 times a day for the past two weeks what my take on Russell Wilson was before the season. I know many of you have read my thoughts on the Seattle quarterback, but I’m going to share those original takes, some thoughts about leadership and why Wilson could be the football equivalent […]

  • Reads Listens Views 10/19/2012

    Hat tip to E.C. Stoner for the Brees video. Reads (Football) Futures: Matt Barkley – This was last week’s column. Tomorrow’s analysis is on West Virginia Receiver Tavon Austin. Russell Wilson’s Seam Pass to Zach Miller – Danny Kelly at Field Gulls is one of the cooler bloggers I’ve had the pleasure to interact with during my first […]

  • Subversive Predictions for 2012

    Warning: If you use my picks to place bets, make fantasy picks, or enter other contests of prognostication, you are a fool and you deserve to lose. Unless you have a stroke of dumb-luck success and you’re giving me a cut of the winnings, don’t write me about your failure. It’s that time of year, […]

  • Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, Prince, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and the Difficulty of Comparisons

    Russell Wilson to Compete for Seahawks Starting Gig Now Apparently, I was wrong about Russell Wilson. I thought he’d compete for the starting job next year – not right now. I’ve been talking about Wilson’s potential as a future starter before the draft at FootballOutsiders.com in my Futures column. Wilson had an off-the-charts Lewin Career […]

  • Futures: My New Football Outsiders Column

    This week’s column on Russell Wilson is titled, “Studying the Asterisk.” I studied three games of Wilson’s junior season at N.C. State – FSU, UNC, and Va. Tech – and I think there’s ample evidence that demonstrates why Wilson is an underrated commodity in this draft. I also provide some footage and analysis of Drew […]

  • QB Russell Wilson: Undersized-Underrated

    Author’s Note: For a far more intricate analysis of Wilson at N.C. State throwing under pressure that also features analysis of Drew Brees in comparison, read my Football Outsider’s Future’s Column “Studying The Asterisk” One of the bigger questions about Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson will be his height. Measured at 5107, 204 lbs., Wilson will […]