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  • Jokers

    One of the pervading themes in this blog has been discussion of  the hybridization of football players: The zone blitz and the evolution of the 3-4 linebacker/defensive end ‘tweener capable of dropping into coverage and sticking his hand in the ground and rushing off the edge. The safety/cornerback capable of covering slot receivers and supporting […]

  • Emerging NFL Talents: RB Ryan Mathews

    Although my takes on the players in the next series of posts might be useful to fantasy owners, this isn’t a fantasy football article. I’m not projecting stats. I’m writing about talented players whose portfolio of work reveals techniques and behaviors that I think translate well to the NFL game. At the end of the […]

  • Grinding Tape: NIU RB Chad Spann Part II

    In Part I of the Grinding Tape Series, Mid American Conference MVP Chad Spann explained the concepts behind plays that require a running back to understand blocking schemes, defensive tendencies, and reading keys. This week, he reveals how quickly a runner needs to be able to process information to choose a hole, ball security protocol, […]