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  • The NFL Lens: A Maritime Tale of Pulp Fiction w/Rob Gronkowski

    The NFL Lens: A Maritime Tale of Pulp Fiction w/Rob Gronkowski

    Batten down the hatches, Rob Gronkowski tells a shocking maritime tale. I’ve been spending time each day diagramming run blocking schemes and pass routes. One of those routes is the sail route. When drawn up in a book or a blackboard, a sail route (bottom left quadrant) looks like an upside-down “L”. One of the […]

  • Subversive Predictions for 2012

    Warning: If you use my picks to place bets, make fantasy picks, or enter other contests of prognostication, you are a fool and you deserve to lose. Unless you have a stroke of dumb-luck success and you’re giving me a cut of the winnings, don’t write me about your failure. It’s that time of year, […]

  • The Pats Two-TE Sets: A Long Time Coming?

      Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski combined for 13 receptions, 189 yards, and 2 touchdowns against the Dolphins on Monday night. Yesterday they combined for 11 receptions, 143 yards, and 3 touchdowns against the Chargers. If you’ve been reading this blog throughout the summer then you know the hybrid position has been a common theme. […]

  • Jokers

    One of the pervading themes in this blog has been discussion of  the hybridization of football players: The zone blitz and the evolution of the 3-4 linebacker/defensive end ‘tweener capable of dropping into coverage and sticking his hand in the ground and rushing off the edge. The safety/cornerback capable of covering slot receivers and supporting […]

  • Greg Cosell Part II:The Pats TE Duo and Rookies

    Greg Cosell is the co-author of The Games That Changed the Game with former Eagles quarterback and ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski. The senior producer has watched decades of NFL coaches tape – the all-22 angle that very few people gain consistent access. In Part I of this conversation, Cosell graciously undergoes a voir dire of […]