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  • Ray Rice, Pink Cleats, Ice Buckets, and Baseball Bats

    Ray Rice, Pink Cleats, Ice Buckets, and Baseball Bats

    I’m a huge fan of Ray Rice the football player and I have him on one fantasy team this year. But I don’t care what he does on the field anymore — if the NFL can find a legally viable way to change its ruling I’ll be an enthusiastic supporter as long as it isn’t […]

  • RSP Flashback: Rutgers RB Ray Rice

    RSP Flashback: Rutgers RB Ray Rice

    One of the most common questions I get from new readers is What did you think about [insert player name here] before [NFL team] drafted him? For the next month, I’m posting scouting reports of some of my bigger hits and misses when it comes to the past eight years of evaluating rookies for the Rookie […]

  • Reads Listens Views 10/12/2012

    Football Reads/Listens/Views Alfred Morris RSP Evaluation – I grade on a 100-point scale. Morris received an 89 on my scale when I watched him play Auburn last year. An 89 is an immediate starter grade. I only watched one game and was reticent to rank him higher than 20th among backs because I didn’t get […]

  • Reader Email Bag

    This email bag includes topics pertaining to Robert Turbin, Blaine Gabbert, physical skills and techniques I value from players at each skill position, and of course, Mario Manningham. (From Alexandra): When evaluating a player entering the draft, what are the positives of his skills that make a difference once in the NFL, and what are […]

  • Reads Listens Views 3/9/2012

    John Wooden on true success Ahead at the RSP Blog The 2012 Rookie Scouting Portfolio will be available on April 1 via a link to my shopping cart site. Learn more about the RSP process and content here. Pre-order the 2012 RSP and buy past RSPs (2006-2011) here. Steelers RB Chad Spann and I had […]

  • The RSP Blog’s Top 20 RBs (2006-2011) Pt II

    The idea of compiling a rankings analysis across several years of Rookie Scouting Portfolio publications has been a popular request by readers for years, but something I have resisted doing. For a complete explanation why please read Part I. If you want to know how my ranking of these players differs from the actual process […]

  • Greg Cosell Part V: Class in Session

    Entering my third year of studying film for The Rookie Scouting Portfolio, I had just finished a year of film study that included one of  the bigger lessons I had encountered in Arkansas running back Darren McFadden. The highly coveted prospect had some raving fans, but I wasn’t one of them. I didn’t see what […]

  • NFL Films’ Greg Cosell Part I: Personnel Interrogation

    It might be a dream job, but NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell understands what work is. The process of studying the game of football is a methodical one. Doing it well requires the attention and the appreciation of the minute detail, patience, and a large dose of humility. Entering his third decade with NFL […]