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  • Michael Schottey’s Response to “The Freak Getting Freaky”

    Michael Schottey’s Response to “The Freak Getting Freaky”

    Imagine a freakish athlete of Randy Moss’ or Lawrence Taylor’s caliber of skills as a left tackle but with the charisma of a veteran QB and the party habits of Manziel. A GM wouldn’t know whether to hug him or hit him. What is 2014’s Writer’s Project? This year’s RSPWP is a different take on […]

  • Random News and Notes

    Fantasy Football At Footballguys.com, I kicked off my Gut Check column with what I’m calling the Insanity Series: Players that will drive you mad in 2012. You can find column at Footbalguys and I’ll also link to them on this page. The first two published pieces in the series are on Adrian Peterson and Brandon […]

  • Vote for the Winner of the RSP Caption Contest

    I had a chance to have lunch or dinner with each of these guys at least once in Mobile, but never at the right time to have them judge the caption. So I had some folks help me narrow the entries. Here are the top seven for the photo in a poll. Vote for the […]

  • Reads Listens Views 1/20/2012

    It has been a little over 24 hours since I announced the RSP Photo Caption Contest and the response has been good. Cecil, Chad, Michael, and Wes will be judging the quality of the captions on Wednesday after Senior Bowl practices. Since I’m just the tiebreaker, I thought I’d list some of the early favorites […]

  • RSP Caption Contest: Win a free RSP

    I lifted this photo from Cecil Lammey’s Facebook page. You have one week from tonight to give me a fitting caption for this photo. Make it funny, but keep it (reasonably) cool. If you want the nomination to even come before the judges panel don’t cross the line. Most likely we’ll all be having dinner […]