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  • Remove The Beer Goggles (A Sober Look at Terrelle Pryor)

    I’m going to give you a ton of analysis on Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor. But if you subscribe to the “Keep It Simple Stupid,” approach, here’s an executive summary: All NFL prospects have physical talent. All NFL starters have technical skill. However, few NFL prospects in a given year become NFL starters because they […]

  • Grinding Tape Part III – NIU RB Chad Spann

    In Part I of the Grinding Tape Series, Mid American Conference MVP Chad Spann explained the concepts behind plays that require a running back to understand blocking schemes, defensive tendencies, and reading keys. In Part II, he revealed how quickly a runner needs to be able to process information to choose a hole, ball security […]

  • Grinding Tape: NIU RB Chad Spann Part I

    This is the first in a series of posts will feature a film study session I had with former NIU RB Chad Spann, 2010’s Division-I leader in rushing TDs and the Mid-American Conference’s Most Valuable Player. If you don’t know about Chad Spann, you’re probably not alone. He wasn’t drafted in April. However, that doesn’t […]

  • Evaluating the Evaluator

    With its vast knowledge of strategy and technique and a wealth of  financial resources at their disposal, NFL organizations not only have the potential to discover if that linebacker prospect fits their scheme, but they can also find out what he did with that blue pencil sharpener in Mrs. Beam’s second grade social studies class. […]