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  • RSP Contest: Guess the WR Prospect

    Here’s a guessing game for you. Below I have described three receivers that teams drafted or signed as rookies in the last 3-5 years. All three receivers see significant time with their respective offenses and they all have a similar role. Can you guess each player? The first three people to guess all three players […]

  • Eye Catching Tweets From NFL Camps 8/4

    Twitter is a great place to get camp updates but they come so fast and furious, I thought I’d pick a few about players from various beat writers and provide my takes on these quick reports.  Derrick Mason: @jamisonhensley is reporting Derrick. Mason will sign with the #Jets tomorrow. If he does Floyd needs to […]

  • YouTube Chalkboard: Six WRs Who Will School You

    Wide receiver can be a difficult position to evaluate because there are three general factors that contribute to a player’s success in the NFL: Athleticism, technique, and the mesh of his skills within the team’s offensive system. Here are six NFL WRs with lessons to share through the lens of YouTube highlights.  Welcome to a […]