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  • Futures: Miami RB Duke Johnson

    Futures: Miami RB Duke Johnson

    Is Johnson capable of NFL brilliance? Burst will ultimately tell the tale. by Matt Waldman The 2015 running back draft class is a potential embarrassment of riches. It may test the collective sentiment of recent claims from football media that running back is no longer an early-round position. To give full disclosure, I’ve often tried […]

  • No-Huddle Series: New Mexico State RB Kenny Turner

    I came home from work today and watched an E:60 segment about Titans running back Chris Johnson and his best friend Kenny Turner. If you haven’t seen the segment, you can read the full story about their friendship and the events that transpired that led to a felony conviction and five years in jail. If […]

  • Sunday Mailbag 11/13

    Sunday Mailbag 11/13

    Fusue Vue via Twitter: Does Denarius Moore remind you of Brandon Lloyd? MW: Fusue, I can see where Moore and Lloyd’s games have parallels. Both receivers do a tremendous job adjusting to the football. However, I think each player has some distinct differences. I think Moore is a better player with the ball in his […]