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  • Matt Waldman’s Second RSP Writers Squad

    This was actually my first squad, but admittedly I was a little uncomfortable going with so many first and second-year players as starters in my offense. As the summer played out, I see that perhaps my first inclination has as much or more promise as the team I published last month. The only changes I […]

  • Ryan Booher’s RSP Reader’s Team

    Ryan Booher’s RSP Reader’s Team

    As promised, I’m posting reader-submitted teams for the RSP Writers Project. Ryan Booher has been excited about participating in this project for months now. He has delivered a fascinating roster filled with many players that I haven’t seen on teams submitted thus far. He’ll also be using the Diamond formation in a lot of base […]

  • Matt Waldman’s RSP Writer’s Team Q&A

    I will have two teams in this project because I had too much fun just building one. I’m also learning too much from the process to build just one. If you’ve tried building a team, I think you know what I mean. However, I’ll make this squad my official roster despite how much I like […]

  • RSP Writers Project Q&A: DraftBreakdown.com’s Eric Stoner

    There was a lot of quality football knowledge emanating from the roster presentations and interviews last week. Former All-Pac-10 offensive lineman and Football Outsider’s columnist Ben Muth gave a mini clinic on assembling and scheming a power running game when presenting his team. The Guardian’s Cian Fahey demonstrated the confidence to take on a reclamation […]

  • RSP Writers Roster: DraftBreakdown’s Eric Stoner

    Eric Stoner is a legal assistant by day, and a writer and video guy for DraftBreakdown.com for the remaining hours he’s awake. He specializes in quarterback evaluation. His YouTube videos are a quality service for football fans seeking more than the typical highlight packages that fans put together of college stars. Stoner’s videos are actually […]

  • Writers Team: Nick Whalen’s RSP Squad, Dynasty Rogues

    Writers Team: Nick Whalen’s RSP Squad, Dynasty Rogues

    Nick Whalen’s RSP Writers Team Nick Whalen is a regular at the Footballguys.com message board and a guy I’ve corresponded with frequently over the years. He’s a writer at Dynasty Rogues. Whalen has a variety of experiences in football and he’s person I’ve enjoyed trading info. A former high school quarterback, Whalen also has experience […]

  • The Guardian NFL Writer Cian Fahey’s RSP Writers Project Team

    Cian Fahey covers the NFL for The Guardian and he also writes for Irish Central and at one time contributed for The Bleacher Report. Fahey is a Steelers fan and also contributes toSteelers Depot. If you’ve never read his work or followed him on Twitter, he’s not afraid to give his unfiltered opinion. You’ll see that […]

  • My First Draft RSP Writers Team – Offensive Line

    The Rookie Scouting Portfolio Football Writers Project is an all-star cast of football writers, former scouts, and draft analysts on the Internet. Their mission is to take a month to build a 53-man roster with a $160 million salary cap and present the team here. You can use the same information to build your own […]