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  • Matt Waldman’s RB Cut-Down No.8: Bo Jackson

    Matt Waldman’s RB Cut-Down No.8: Bo Jackson

    Does the Bo Jackson, the real-life tall tale and modern interpretation of the Achilles myth still have appeal for a spot on Matt Waldman’s Team to Defend the Planet?  Be prepared for disappointment. Matt is. Running back is the most talent-dense position in the history of the league. It’s why narrowing the choice to a […]

  • Reads Listens Views 2/17/2012

    Here’s What A Once In A Lifetime Player Looks Like Lather, rinse, repeat . . . Thank You And More Comin’ NFL Draft Season is clearly underway and there’s a lot of great information available online. For those of you just getting acquainted with the Rookie Scouting Portfolio, thank you for visiting – and thank […]

  • Greg Cosell Part III: The All-Timer Game

    I’m a kid in a candy store this week. I get to share with you my conversations with NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell. One of the few people who not only has access to coaching tape, but also a guy who can call up a coach and talk shop. In Part I of our […]

  • NFL Films’ Greg Cosell Part I: Personnel Interrogation

    It might be a dream job, but NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell understands what work is. The process of studying the game of football is a methodical one. Doing it well requires the attention and the appreciation of the minute detail, patience, and a large dose of humility. Entering his third decade with NFL […]