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  • Devonta Freeman & Tevin Coleman: Two Pairs of Runs

    Devonta Freeman & Tevin Coleman: Two Pairs of Runs

    Why is Devonta Freeman the starter and Tevin Coleman the backup? Two pairs of runs tell the story. Coleman is a stronger and faster player. When he earns big gains, the runs are often more exciting because they are displays of his superior strength and long speed. They also require more physical labor that’s unnecessary. Freeman is […]

  • A Case for Canton: William Andrews

    This isn’t the play versus Lott, but it was a lot like it. William Andrews legendary run through Ronnie Lott was a part of a recent conversation I had with NFL Films producer Greg Cosell. When I listened to Cosell’s thoughts on Andrews and added that to the litany of fans who revered the Falcons […]

  • Gartrell Johnson: Excerpts from the ’09 RSP

    Yesterday in Suwanee, Georgia, third-year running back Gartrell Johnson took first-team reps for the Atlanta Falcons while Michael Turner rehabs from groin surgery. Johnson, a 5’10, 218-lb. runner from Colorado State was my eighth-ranked RB in the 2009 Rookie Scouting Portfolio, above James Davis, Andre Brown, Mike Goodson, Devin Moore, and Jeremiah Johnson. In fact, […]