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  • Walk on The Wildside: Hernandez, Deen, Paulette, and Orcas

    Walk on The Wildside: Hernandez, Deen, Paulette, and Orcas

    Author’s Note: This is not safe for work.  I’m not a preacher, a politician, or an executive. I don’t say all the right things. It definitely applies here. Let’s start with Aaron Hernandez’s arrest on first-degree murder chargers? Do you really need to read a Hallmark card from a people-pleasing columnist who dresses in a […]

  • Futures: Florida TE Jordan Reed

    Futures: Florida TE Jordan Reed

    Last week, I wrote about Notre Dame’s Tyler Eifert and how his skills fit into the growing pantheon of versatile tight end play that is in vogue in the NFL. But versatility can have a number of different meanings depending on the talents of the player and his fit within an offense. The word doesn’t necessarily mean […]

  • Training Camp News and Notes 8/9/2012

    With the help of numerous Footballguys.com writers, Bob Henry creates a weekly aggregation of camp news titled (simply enough) Training Camp Update. I can’t recommend it highly enough. The first issue is free to the public. I’m going to quote some of the notes and provide my own take. Carolina Panthers FB Mike Tolbert: Why […]

  • Super Bowl Linkstravaganza

    Here’s some notable posts past and present from here and elsewhere to get you prepped for the game: Super Bowl Preview: Bill Belichick’s Blitz Package – I may be an offensive guy, but I love Blitzology. I feel like I should be paying this blog for the lessons. Jokers – Why Aaron Hernandez is the […]

  • The Pats Two-TE Sets: A Long Time Coming?

      Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski combined for 13 receptions, 189 yards, and 2 touchdowns against the Dolphins on Monday night. Yesterday they combined for 11 receptions, 143 yards, and 3 touchdowns against the Chargers. If you’ve been reading this blog throughout the summer then you know the hybrid position has been a common theme. […]

  • Jokers

    One of the pervading themes in this blog has been discussion of  the hybridization of football players: The zone blitz and the evolution of the 3-4 linebacker/defensive end ‘tweener capable of dropping into coverage and sticking his hand in the ground and rushing off the edge. The safety/cornerback capable of covering slot receivers and supporting […]

  • Greg Cosell Part II:The Pats TE Duo and Rookies

    Greg Cosell is the co-author of The Games That Changed the Game with former Eagles quarterback and ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski. The senior producer has watched decades of NFL coaches tape – the all-22 angle that very few people gain consistent access. In Part I of this conversation, Cosell graciously undergoes a voir dire of […]

  • Reads, Listens, Views 8/19

    Preseason football is underway and before you know it, college football. Thank you to those of you who are making the Rookie Scouting Portfolio Blog a part of your regular reading schedule. As I’ve been saying weekly, if you like what you’ve seen thus far, please consider these three acts of kindness: Subscribe to this […]

  • Conversation with Wes Bunting Part III

    National Football Post’s Wes Bunting has been a featured interview this week at the Rookie Scouting Portfolio Blog. Here are links to Parts I and II of his conversations. In Part III, Bunting discusses rookies making a good impression, young players in good situations, and young players in difficult situations. Bunting also reveals the players […]