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  • Reads Listens Views 1/4/2013

    Reads Listens Views 1/4/2013

    Now Accepting Prepayment for the 2013 RSP I’m spending the weekend with a bunch of Footballguys  watching the playoffs and talking shop. Meanwhile here’s some welcome news for those of you who have asked me when you can prepay for the 2013 RSP. The answer is now: If you wish to prepay for the April 1 download […]

  • Reads Listens Views 11/21/12

    Reads Listens Views 11/21/12

    Listens – Some soulful, Thanksgiving blues from a Frenchman who could swing his tail off. Great, great, musician. Press ‘play’ and read on. About ‘Reads Listens Views’ Thanks to folks like my buddy Josh Norris at Rotoworld, Joe Goodberry, and Eric Stoner, I have new readers. If you’re one of them, I hope you enjoy […]

  • Reads Listens Views 11/2/2012

    Reads Listens Views 11/2/2012

    Views – Part I Lance Zierlein has a gift. The Sideline View blogger has Jon Gruden down cold (check out the final minutes of this episode). When he told Sigmund Bloom and me about his Crawfish Draft, I knew it was just the kind of nut-job humor that the football-obsessed would love. After you see this, […]