2014 D2L Update


For those of you wondering if I indeed fulfill my promise of a donation to Darkness to Light (I understand anyone’s skepticism, it’s ok), here’s my year-end donation for the percentage of sales that I promise at the end of every RSP post. As someone who has been affected by the evils of sexual abuse in our society, I’m confident that this organization does the kind of work that will help inform others about its dynamics and train individuals and communities about prevention and support for those victimized by sexual abuse.

I deleted my address, but this is a copy of the confirmation that I received this morning after making an online donation with the funds I hold from RSP sales throughout the year.

2014 Donation Information:

Your Confirmation Information
12/22/2014 08:07 AM (PT)
Darkness to Light

Matthew Waldman

United States

Thank you for your generous donation to support Darkness to Light’s efforts to prevent child sexual abuse. A receipt has been sent to your email address.

Join the Movement�to prevent child sexual abuse!

The following summarizes your contribution:
Payment Amount: $3,820.00
Reference ID: 174305353

Darkness to Light contact information:
Email Address: scraig@D2L.org

Honor and Memorial Giving (optional)

  • This donation is in honor or in memory of someone



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