2013 Letter to Darkness to Light


December 17, 2013

Darkness to Light
7 Radcliffe Street
Suite 200
Charleston, SC 29403

To Whom It May Concern:

Enclosed is a donation for the amount of $2540.00 to your organization from my publication, the 2013 Rookie Scouting Portfolio. The RSP is an annual publication devoted to the analysis of football prospects. I pledged to my customers that for each online book sold I would donate 10 percent every sale to Darkness to Light. You can read about my pledge at my blog, www.mattwaldmanrsp.com

I began this pledge with the 2012 RSP publication and raised over $1800 for Darkness to Light last year. I’m pleased to see that the publication has upped the ante this year and I will be making the same pledge with 2014’s publication. I intend to continue donating a percentage of my RSP sales to an organization that combats sexual abuse through prevention education in communities for as long as I believe in that non-profit’s execution of its mission.

I have no personal story behind my donation that I care to share, but the Penn State scandal was an impetus for me to make this annual pledge. What happened at this university is an opportunity to educate football fans about the dynamics of sexual abuse as well as give them an opportunity to donate to an organization that will make communities more aware and responsive to this issue that plagues our country.

Thanks again for the work that you do and I hope this time next year the Rookie Scouting Portfolio can donate even more.


Matt Waldman

The Rookie Scouting Portfolio

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