2018 NFL Rookie Prospects And Draft Analysis

Links to all essays, analysis, Senior Bowl coverage, and scouting reports about 2018 NFL Draft prospects come from research I undertake to write the Rookie Scouting Portfolio Publication. Now in the 13th year of publication, the RSP is the best of both worlds: a summarized magazine of reports, rankings, and analysis that also shows its work at the back of the book. It covers at least 150 skill position prospects and is available April 1.

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Running Backs

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Non-RSP Publication Positions

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For analysis of skill players in the 2018 draft class, pre-order a login for the 2018 Rookie Scouting Portfolio – early-bird purchase discount for April 1 download available December 23 through January 9, 2018. Better yet, if you’re a fantasy owner the Post-Draft Add-on comes with the 2012 – 2018 RSPs at no additional charge. Best, yet, 10 percent of every sale is donated to Darkness to Light to combat sexual abuse. You can purchase past editions of Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio for just $9.95 each.